Ang nais ko ay maglingkod sa lehislatura – sa Senado. Nakita ko na may pagkakataon na maka-ikot sa bawat sulok ng Pilipinas at malaman ang mga problema ng mamamayan, at makatulong sa solusyon, sa posisyon na makapagbibigay ng mas malawak na serbisyo.

So if we are looking for a chance to make a difference, to have an impact and to initiate significant changes I think this is the best position to run in.”

-Jopet Sison

Government Service


  • President

National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC) 2005- 2012

A government-owned and controlled corporation with the mandate of establishing secondary mortgage market in the Philippines.

  • Assistant General Manager

National Housing Authority (NHA) 2001- 2005

The housing production arm of the government in charge of building relocation sites, relocating informal settlers, and upgrading slum communities.

  • Former City Councilor

Fourth District of Quezon City (1995 – 1998)

    • Assistant Majority Floor Leader and Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Laws, Rules and Internal Government (1995-1998)
    • Chairman, Blue Ribbon Committee, and Committee on Police, Peace, and Order (1996-1998)
    • Chairman, Committee on Revision of Ordinances and Consolidation of Proposed Legislative Measures (1996-1998)
    • Chairman, Committee on Public Affairs and Information (1996-1998)
  • City Councilor

Fourth District of Quezon City (1992-1995)

    • Founding Chairman, Quezon City Tricycle Franchising Board (1993-1995)
    • Chairman, Committee on Labor and Conciliation (1993-1995)
    • Assistant Minority Floor Leader (1992-1993)
    • Chairman, Committee on Transportation and Communication (1992-1993)
  • Barangay Kagawad

Barangay Pinagkaisahan, Quezon City (1989-1992)

Work Experience


  • President

FIRMAMENT Development Corporation

2013 – Present

  • Co-Host, “Kapag Nasa Katwiran… Ipaglaban Mo”

2014 – Present

Legal TV Series on ABS-CBN. Gives free legal advise at the ABS-CBN tulong center every Wednesday.

  • Head

Secretariat for the National Summit on Housing and Urban Development


Initiated by the Joint Legislative Committee on Housing of the Senate and House of Representatives.

  • Segment Host, “Ikaw at ang Batas” and “Ito ang Batas”


A 5-minute legal segment on television narrating the facts and the laws on various cases decided by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

  • Trustee/Consultant, Ipaglaban Mo Foundation & Sison Law

1989 – Present

Rendered free legal advice to viewers, letter senders, and walk-in clients. Conducted legal research for Sison Law.



  • Manuel L. Quezon University

College of Law

Bachelor of Laws


  • Ateneo de Manila University

College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Legal Management


  • Ateneo de Manila University

High School


  • Ateneo de Manila University



  • Ateneo de Manila University

School of Government

Making Good Decisions: Qualitative and Quantitative Tools for Policy Development

  • Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD)

ICD webinar on Crisis-Ready Boards: How to Lead in Times of Turbulence

Aug 21, 2020

  • National University Singapore Business School Executive Education

Fintech: Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services

May – July 2021



Free legal services through Ipaglaban Mo Foundation

For more than 30 years, Ipaglaban Mo Foundation has rendered free legal service to more than 10,000 people. At the ABS-CBN Tulong Center, free legal advise is given to an average of 45 people per month.


Free Legal Education

Through the legal TV drama series “Kapag Nasa Katwiran…Ipaglaban Mo”, we continue to educate and inspire television viewers to be law-abiding citizens of the country.


Launched the country's first Residential Mortgage Backed Securities

Otherwise known as “Bahay Bonds”, this issuance was twice oversubscribed and was awarded by the Asset Asian Awards as the Best Securitization Deal of the year in Asia and around the World.

Main Signatory to the Residential Loan Sale and Purchase agreement of 12,000 residential mortgages between NHMFC and Philippine National Bank (PNB) as the Special Purpose Trust, signatory to the Trust Agreement between NHMFC and Development Banking of the Philippines (DBP) where DBP was designated as note-holder and “trustee of Bahay Bonds”, signatory to the Guaranty agreement between NHMFC and Home Guaranty Corporation, guarantor of Bahay Bonds.


Institutionalized Franchising of Tricycles

The “Quezon City Tricycle Ordinance” is a landmark legislation of Jopet Sison which became a blueprint for the empowerment and regulation of tricycle drivers in the country. Thus, Jopet Sison became known in Quezon City as “Ama ng TODA” (Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association).”


Passed 270 ordinances / resolutions

As Barangay Kagawad and Councilor of Quezon City, Jopet Sison has passed 270 ordinances/resolutions and had the best attendance in the QC Council.


Jopet’s full name is Joseph Peter S. Sison and is now 55 years old. He is married to a lawyer, Atty. Cef Macalino-Sison, and with three sons, Jat, Jigo and Javi. He is an avid badminton player and a bonsai enthusiast.

Jopet is the son of Atty. Jose C. Sison and Josefina S. Sison. He is the second of six siblings who are Joyce†, Joel, Jay, Jolly and JB.

Despite my misgivings and doubts about our kind of politics and politicians, I did not discourage or stop him precisely because I believe that he may be able to at least start the needed changes that will improve our politics and governance in our country. One thing certain here is that based on his past experience in politics and in public service, Jopet considers public office as a public trust and will serve the people with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency.

Atty. Jose C. Sison


By Atty. Jose C. Sison

“Ten years ago, you expressed your desire to explore the political jungle because you wanted to prove that elections could be won without resorting to traditional, tried and tested practices that equate victory in the electoral process with political patronage, machinery and money. You told me that victory at the polls could be achieved through lots of hard work and by means of a strictly personal campaign reaching out directly to the electorate. And you were proven right when you and your brothers, together with a handful of youngsters in our barangay who shared your vision, waged a successful campaign that marked the start of your career in public service.

We know you will try, as you have tried before, your utmost best but don’t forget that your very best will not be enough unless accompanied by lots of prayers. Pray that your aspirations will be realized but always subordinate your will to Him who has called you to this life of public service.

We are with you, with our prayers and support, all the way.”


March 31, 1998, Philippine Star


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