A 14-Point Legislative Agenda as Senator of the Republic of the Philippines


Freedom of Information Bill

The Freedom of Information Bill is long overdue. The citizens have to be empowered to monitor government anomalies and corruption. Transparency is essential in democracy and may be facilitated through technology and blockchain.


Responsible Government Spending

Line Item Budgeting should be practiced detailing the use of every peso of the people’s money to make sure that the government is doing their job and that it is held accountable for the funds allocated to it. This is the cure to pork barrel.



It is high time to amend the “Urban Development Housing Act” and update the Areas for Priority Development in order to identify government properties suitable for housing and to promote high-density housing in the city and community-led housing projects in the country.

Community Growth

Palakasin Ang Lokal na Pamahalaan

Full Autonomy and Devolution to Local Government Units with subsidy to villages should be supported. The local government units (LGUs) are in the forefront of service. Empowering LGUs, the most basic government unit closest to the people is True Democracy. LGUs should be guided and strengthened. Automate and digitalize services. Cashless transactions will make government service efficient and transparent, and will check corruption and promote accountability.


Free COVID-19 Testing sa Lahat

The fight against COVID-19 is also a fight against fear. The country’s health care centers should be equipped with Free Antigen or RT-PCR Testing so that those with symptoms can immediately be assuaged of their fears while avoiding overcrowding in hospitals. Vaccination can also be quickly administered through the health care centers. Quarantine facilities should also be made readily available.



Protektahan ang mga Tsuper

The passage of the “Public Utility Employees Act” is imperative to protect drivers from the pressures and effects of the boundary system. The Department of Transportation should be constantly monitored with the oversight functions of Congress. Traffic woes in the country can be drastically reduced by professionalizing the Land Transportation Office and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.



Pagsulong Kasama ng Teknolohiya

Digitalization, Application Programming Interface, Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are the trends of the future. The future is here. Government, its agencies and instrumentalities, must change and adapt to the digital future.

Inclusive Leadership

Panindigan Natin

A Federalized and Unicameral Form of Government” that would empower each region in the country while respecting their cultures, economic conditions and traditions should be explored.


Pantay Sa Prangkisa

Franchising should not be based on political bias or retribution. The standards and checklist for granting franchise should be uniform and just and not left to the whims and caprices of legislators.

Relevant Programs

Anti-Red Tape

A “One Government Bill” should be passed where there is one accountable officer for every department to streamline processes by removing unreasonable and unnecessary requirements, especially in service-based departments directly dealing with the citizenry (Anti-Red Tape Law).

Government Proprietary Law


A “Government Proprietary Law” should be passed to punish and to remind politicians and government officers and employees that the projects and properties coming from public funds are owned by the Government. Politicians have no right to claim project ownership or use these as their own (Anti-Epal Law).


National ID

Isang Sistema Sa Lahat

A Unified ID system will address the needs of specific sectors of society and the general public. Public service and subsidies will be effective if focused on target beneficiaries truly identified and qualified through a system of profile and identification. The National ID should be smart and should contain data transactions and history.

No Abortion

Protektahan Ang Buhay

Say No to abortion. There is no compromise. Killing the unborn is murder and no health law can justify this.

Date Month Year Law

Araw-Buwan-Taon Na Kalendaryo

Dates must be presented by all sectors of society, business and government uniformly in the order, “Date-Month-Year” in order to avoid confusion.


Tayo ang magdikta kung saan ito ilalagay.

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